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Emmy turned 11... woo woo

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Jul. 19th, 2004 | 08:58 pm
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Work is a lot like school.... today I got in trouble for passing notes and this girl got sent home for wearing a shirt that showed her middle when she raised her hands.  Crazy tele-tech.  The work there is boring and long, and that's why I hate it.  BUT there are some cool people there, expecailly in my team.  Here's a shocker, i'm a member of the winning time.  That's right, i'm a winner.  We get to have a pot luck on Wednesday.  I'm bring the chips... how cute...  But today was crazy.  Wack-o caller wasn't satified with what UPS had to tell her so her wanted to know the exacte time I got off of work and were i'm located.... hmmm.... so the sup. had to get me off the phone for safty and have a talk with the customer.  Sometime's I like the slow people that call in and don't understand, when they get angery it's funny. 
So the house is still a mess.  The tile guy works slow, but he's doing a good job I guess.  I don't know tile, but it looks good.  Al's family taught me how to play poker and I won a lot of fake money... and then lost it all again.  Damn Jimmy.  Elizabeth turned 19 and we got lost in St. Pete.... but it was fun in her new truck.  Michelle and David celebrated their one year together.  She got a gift certificate. How romantic.  hahahahahaha.  So they spent it with me and Al.  I kicked their ass in boxing... then they kicked mine....I suck at pool.  Like really badly.  Even when the shot is lined up for me, still no dice.  That's going to change. 
It's weird how I thought I was going to miss something more then I really do.  Smidge was with our family for a while.  I only miss him when I really think about it.  Probably because the other cats are much healthier with out him and that he has a good chance of not dieing. 

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